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今こそ、モノづくり日本の底力を世界に!It is time to expand Japan's underlying strengths of manufacturing to the rest of the world!


Eyelash extension is spreading promptly in Asia, Europe and the United States. As one of the eyelash extension manufacturers in Japan, we announce that enlightening and fostering "Japan Eyelash Extension" in the world is our principal responsibility. Japanese beauty specialists who are trained by Matsukaze brings most advanced technology as well as up-to-date knowledge to the world. Hence, this technology and knowledge becomes the universal standard in the world. We will the sales and development of products with the concept, "high-quality, hygienic, and made-in-Japan" in the near future, and we will spread Japan's underlying strengths of manufacturing throughout the world. The inquiries from Matsukaze's client that started to raise rapidly last year includes not only America and Russia, but also England, Canada, Australia that inquiries from some other countries have been increased from this year.


We delivery original Japanese eyelash extension together
with Japan tecnology and high-quality products, to all over the world.